In the midst of very deep economy crisis particularly in the mineral sector, AMCU has successfully concluded a wage agreement with Anglo Platinum. This is a far reached agreement which reflects way above inflation for our members.

Building on the historic wage agreement concluded in 2013, we secured this agreement with the knowledge that Anglo Platinum was on the brink of selling its assets, particularly in Rustenburg to Sibanye., a company that is known for its reluctantly in improving the lives of its workers.

The agreement reached will now be binding to Sibanye for the next 3 years which will make it impossible for Sibanye to attack our members on wages and other conditions of employment.

AMCU leadership is fully aware that it should intensify the organization and mobilization in defense of basic condition of employment for our members.

This agreement secured is a spear and shield in the coming struggle that will be facing with the new owners (Sibanye). As AMCU we believe we were only able to secure this agreement based on our track record of being a revolutionary, independent and a worker controlled Union. The power of our members and the steadfastness of the leadership of AMCU ensured that Anglo Platinum had to agree to the above inflation increase because of the history and struggle it has waged in betterment of workers

AMCU will turn its attention to defend every job at this Company called Sibanye and every workplace as well as continue with a struggle for living wage.

The mass meeting will be held at Royal Bafokeng Stadium on Sunday, 30 October 2016 at 10H00. The press conference will be held on Monday, 31 October 2016 where the details of the wage agreement will be presented.

From the office of the President, Mr JV Mathunjwa