President Joseph Mathunjwa visited members at Impala Platinum for the last time this week for 2016 to wish them a safe joyful festive season.

During a Central Mass Meeting that was hosted at the Simunye Residence at the mine in the North West, President Mathunjwa thanked union members for their continued support and urged them to prioritise safety not only at work but also away from work during the festive season.

“My Brothers and sisters you are everything to me, I am here to say thank you and tell you that respect is not given but earned by how you treat those around you.”

He encouraged members to always practice safety measures especially when going underground and to also be vigilant of their surroundings.

“Please do not run after mining out the platinum and bonuses attached to it; your safety should always come first. Check your working environment, your machines and checklist. If you see that there is danger, get out of there.” .

Mathunjwa reminded the masses that many families who had lost their loved due to occupational fatalities wished that they could be spending the festive season with the late loved ones and further advised them to inform their HR departments should they be unfit to go underground. .

“Let us not make human errors that will result in our demise,” the president cautioned.

He added that members ought to be careful on their journey home to not drink and drive as their families will be waiting for them.

AMCU Members raises their fist in excitement
AMCU Members raises their fist in excitement

“The festive season is a precious time for you and your families – spend your hard earned money wisely. Those that have illnesses such as high blood pleasures, , take your medication so you can be in good health when you come back to work.”

In closing Mathunjwa encouraged members to always be grateful and highlighted the importance of giving grace to the higher powers they serve. Rest easy,be merry and stay safe. Thank you all for the respect you have shown us. We promise to continue to work for you, I humble myself to you. Nginithanda Nonke MaComrade.