We all know that our time in this world is limited, and that eventually the day will come when we never wake up, but no one ever anticipates when that day will come. The death of Comrade Rose Nonyani (48) shook members and co-workers when they heard of her passing.

She was brutally murdered at her home in Toekomsrus in Randfontein, West Rand on Monday 13 February 2017. It is alleged that she was hacked to death by her partner.

During a memorial service on Thursday at the Rand Water head offices in the South of Johannesburg, Phillip Malatji a colleague, said he could not believe the manner in how she died.

“It was not easy to hear that Rose was murdered in her own home. This really does not sit well with me, my heart is heavy.”

He explained that back in 2006 when Rose arrived at Rand Water, he took her under his wing. Phillip described her as a women who was a hard worker, passionate and highly skilled.

“We worked together for 10 years. She was the first lady in our department which was male dominated. I do not know how I am going to carry on because she was a role player in all our projects. She was not only my colleague but she was a sister, a pillar and a dear friend to me,” he said.

He advised his fellow colleagues that violence was not the answer to personal issues.

AMCU Branch Chairperson Lazarus Kgwale, said: “We have wonderful systems within our wellness department but I wish we could come up with an early warning detection so we can see when other colleagues are going through a difficult time. There are so many gaps within our system. This is not the first incident to happen at Rand Water, what are we doing to bridge theses gaps.”

He said that something needed to be done before situations got out of hand and more lives were lost on matters that could have been resolved.

Family of Comrade Rose Nonyani.

“To her family you are not the only ones who have lost, we as AMCU have suffered a huge loss. Rose was a passionate women especially when it came to Employee Rights. Her passion motivated all of us. She has done a lot for our members.”

Rose was described as fearless and having had a fighting spirit to fight for the rights of the members and all employees.

Executive Manager Mr Robert Mosweli expressed his deepest and heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and fellow colleagues.

“Death never gives us a sign, it just manifests itself when we least expect it. This brutal murder is one that has been extended to the family, the children and relatives have been emotionally murdered too.”

He said that Roses’ passing should be a lesson to other men that violence is not an appropriate and excepted behaviour.

“Violence is not the answer. No one has the right to take another’s life. There are better ways of resolving issues.”

Rose was a person who made a difference in their lives, and a women who made a difference at her workplace.

“We can never replace the women she was, what she did and what she still planned to be. Her space can never be replaced, even her skills can never be replaced,” he said.

Rose was laid to rest at on Saturday 18 February 2017.

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