It’s been four years since the fatal day when 34 of our brothers were murdered in cold blood. For the past four years, we have been pleading with the South African Government to compensate the families of the deceased and those that were injured.

On Sunday government announced that they were ready to compensate the victims

A statement released by President Jacob Zuma, stated “Regarding the compensation for the Marikana victims, government is ready to pay. The SAPS has instructed its attorneys to make offers of payments in full settlement of claims for the claims where quantification were complete and are not under criminal investigation.”

The President was giving an update on the steps taken by government departments to implement the Farlam Commission of Inquiry’s recommendations.

Zuma said the quantified claims that could be carried forward included the majority of the loss of support claims in favour of the deceased.

“The 275 unlawful arrests and detention claims are quantified, complete and ready for settlement. Only one of the claimants has charges pending, and the outcome is still awaited,” he said.

In terms of injury claims he said one action comprising personal injury claims in respect of 275 individuals and 81 separate actions relating to individual personal injury claims.

“The personal injury claims are still delayed by the fact that the plaintiff’s attorney is still considering to agree on one set of medical experts, which will be efficient both for the process and with regard to costs.”

AMCU President Jospeh Mathunjwa has repeatedly expressed that he believed that the police were acting on the instruction from their heads and therefore the police should not be a scapegoat like the Phiyega scenario.”

Mathunjwa said that a reconciliation process could only be embarked on once the government had apologised, identified or came clear on who gave the instruction.