December marks World Aids month. The first day of the month is celebrated annually to show support for people living with HIV/Aids and to remember those who have died from the It gives a voice to the voiceless of those who have been affected by HIV/Aids. This year the objective that was established in 2011 throughout this year is to get to Zero.

This means “Getting to Zero” on all fronts including social, scientific and governmental, to reach zero new infections and zero discrimination based on those with the disease and zero HIV/Aids-related deaths.

Strides have been in recent years to break the stigma of HIV/Aids to be seen as a death sentence to a treatable chronic illness and some include an increase in the number of antiretroviral treatments and a decrease in mother to child transmissions.

Over the years an estimated 3 million people are now on the ARV treatment an increasing number of males have undergone the circumcision programme. This makes South Africa the world’s biggest HIV treatment in the world, The HIV virus still kills 1.2 million across the world each year, making it the second-leading cause of death by infection, behind tuberculosis (TB). When left untreated, HIV can within two to 15 years advance to AIDS, which can make people vulnerable to fatal diseases