This week shareholders gathered in west London to cast a decisive vote on whether to give Lonmin Platinum Mine in Rustenburg, North West a life line as the world’s third-largest platinum mine is battling to stay afloat.

Are investors willing to save Lonmin? Or will they let it wither away and come to its demise. In less than 24 hours, the shareholders will take a vote that will decide its fate.

If stakeholders decide to let go of Lonmin mine, workers will be the hardest hit. At the, many jobs are already under threat with section 189 still underway. To date over 20 jobs have been lost in the sector and the number is expected to increase by over 20 000 with section 189 notifications submitted by various companies to the CCMA.

The AMCU News team recently visited our members at Marikana and this what some of them had to say.

Simon Twazi (37), said that he was afraid of losing his job. “I am the only breadwinner at home and with my salary, I take care of 18 people. How are we going to survive if I am no longer working?”

Another mine worker Bernando Sano (59) said “These days if you lose a job finding another one is impossible. I am no longer young. Losing my job would be devastating.” Other mineworkers shared his sentiments.