From the 1st of December which is World Aids Day, AMCU members at Anglo Gold Ashanti Tautona branch will be embarking on an Aids Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to urge our members to test so that they can know their status as well as preventive measures on contracting HIV. Those who have the diseases will be encouraged to take the treatment.

This campaign also aims at educating those who still have the stereotypical minds in the mining industry about HIV/Aids and to also give support to our members who are living with the disease. Workers living HIV/Aids experience discrimination from management and fellow workers, this leads to them being embarrassed to open up about their HIV status and end up not taking medication.

The Aids campaign will also highlight ways on how to have a healthy sexual life and ways to apply safety measures to prevent HIV infections. Through it we will empower people living with and affected by HIV and TB to take responsibility for their own health and for their healthcare system.