Over centuries women have been marginalised, mainly in the male dominated sectors such as mining, construction, engineering just to mention a few. Times have changed and women are now permitted to do what was once called a man’s job but there is still little transformation.

Lot of women have realised the importance of their role in the economy and are empowering themselves through education to accelerate their path and their roles in these male dominated sectors. It is without a doubt that once they are educated they will play a vital role in the contribution towards the development and prosperity of the country.

As long as women are excluded, left behind and are still economically dependent on men, their vulnerable conditions will not be changed. Economic empowerment and independence will only come through suitable education and proper employment.

In most cases, women wait for marriage and after marriage they lose their identity and end up not pursuing their passions. Their rights are violated and they become victims of domestic violence, rape and in most cases situations become unbearable. If women do not empower themselves through education in order to play a vital role in the male dominated sectors, the situation will no change.

Educated women are now looked upon with self-worth and admiration. They become a source of inspiration for millions of young girls who make them their role-models.

They are more informed of their rights for justice which would eventually lead to a decline in instances of violence and injustices such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape etc. against women.

It is crucial to start implementing developmental programmes for women in a workplace, it has been proven that educated women are highly successful in all fields of life. Nowadays women are allowed equal opportunities as man in empowering themselves through education, so as to speed up transformation and equality in sectors like mining and engineering which will lead to alleviation of poverty.