After weeks of protesting common ground has finally been reached. A deal between students, workers and the University to end outsourcing has been signed.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Mpho Letlape told EWN that an insourcing task team had now been set up.

“We will have finished these cases by no later than 30 June 2017, but we will not renew any of the outsourced service contracts that are currently running,” she said.

She added that the last contract with one of the outsourced companies will expired expire in 2018.

“In the interim, just to bring relief to the workers, they will receive an additional monthly allowance of R1,000, which will be effective from January next year and they will receive an additional R2,500 allowance in December.”

Other agreements include:

  • 15 000 financially needy students will not have to pay registration fees.
  • Outsourced workers whose children are admitted to the university will be exempted from the payment of tuition fees.
  • Like all the other public higher education institutions, UJ will not increase fees next year.

UJ vice-chancellor Ihron Rensburg said they would have a shortfall of R199m. He said the institution would have to find ways to raise R60m. He said the rest of the shortfall will be covered by government.

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