The Association for Mine Workers and Construction Union (AMCU) and its members came in their large numbers from different provinces to pay their last respect to their fallen hero, Gauteng Regional Chairperson Jeffrey Mgayo.

The funeral took place in his hometown in Nqeleni, Eastern Cape on Saturday 19 September. Community Members also congregated to show support to the Mgayo family and AMCU members sung and chanted in remembrance during the funeral service to pay farewell to one of their own.

Nqeleni Councilor Mr. Mkhundu spoke during the funeral saying that Jeffrey Mgayo was a great football player and a mediator in the soccer field.

“Jeffrey loved his football so much and was the first one to arrive during practice. He was a farmer in the early 60s and left in 1968 to find a job in the mines. He was also involved in the negotiations organizations with Mandela,” shared councilor Mkhundu.

His Pastor Mjajubana said he knew Jeffrey as a dedicated man, who loved church and feared God.

“Jeffrey Mgayo would never miss church whenever he is home, cared and assisted with the running of the church whenever he could,” said Pastor Mjajubana.

President Joseph Mathunjwa shared a touching eulogy during the service that further emphasized Jeffrey Mgayo as a great leader and adviser.

“Jeffrey Mgayo was the first member to join AMCU at Mponeng shaft Anglo Ashanti NUM dismissed him like they did to me because he had a vision for the workers. He had the workers best interest at heart and was not interested in enriching his pockets.

“He was a loyal and honest man to the workers and was not a double agenda leader like others who have been discovered within the organization,” said President Mathunjwa.

He spoke about the hardships and death threats they recieved during the formation of AMCU, they received death threat and were almost killed as a results.

He concluded by saying that we are here to celebrate not to morn and that God will bring another Jeffrey Mgayo who is dedicated,loyal,who possess leadership skills that will make AMCU even more powerful.