The Gauteng Department of Health owes Afhco, which owns the building being leased for staff parking, R2 million parking fees. The owners have not been paid since July.

Managing director of Afhco, Kevin van den Heever, said they were always paid in a timely manner but all of a sudden payment stopped as they requested a tax-clearance certificate.

“We were promised payment. As we received no payment after weeks of promises, we decided to terminate access to the parking. We have since sent a letter of demand from our attorney giving them the appropriate time to settle.”

He said the Department had stopped taking their calls or responding to emails and had even refused to take delivery of the letter being delivered to them on more than one occasion.

When asked Steve Mabona, spokesman for the Health Department, admitted they had not paid Afhco parking fees as the company did not have an updated tax-clearance certificate for a period of two years’.

He said now that the company had received their valid tax clearance the department had communicated with the company to follow due process in updating their vendor information so that payment could be facilitated.

“The department has informed employees that we are engaging with the various organisations to find alternative parking for them. We regret that this has not happened as soon as we had anticipated,” said Mabona.