The Mass Meeting resumed with an open prayer by one of the comrades. Comrade Pitso Monare unwrapped the meeting by welcoming the members of AMCUs National Office and our President Joseph Mathunjwa.

He said the reason this mass meeting was held at a different venue was because, management refused to allow them access to the common venue by saying that another union had already booked the venue.

National Treasurer Jimmy Gama said if the members could listen to President Mathunjwa’s address they would be able to win the battle they are faced with undoubtedly.

President’s Speech

President Joseph Mathunjwa welcomed and thanked everyone for availing themselves to attend the meeting. He requested a moment of silence in remembrance of our fellow comrades who have lost their lives during this battle.

“As your leader I am here to advice you not to take decisions on behalf of the members,” said Joseph Mathunjwa.

After 1994 everything was bargained and Cosatu and NUM was given the responsibility of the workforce. People like Blade Nzimande were even reminded by students of their responsibilities.

AMCU is a great threat to the workforce and government. Our government is sleeping in the same bed as the capitalists” said Mathunjwa. Our country will not change soon because the riches remain in the hands of the corrupted few, but AMCU is digging up the truth and putting it to surface.

We have travelled a long race in this Gold Wage Negotiations and there was no settlement reached. We have put Sibanye under a test by giving them the benefit of a doubt by taking their word when they said they had recognized us a majority and would not sign the agreement without AMCU.

I have told Dr Strydom in the last meeting how merciless she is and how the chamber of mines is a colonial structure. Through our recent economic research we found that it is not advisable to go on the strike. It’s a shame NUM signed the

R600 wage increase, NUM collapsed after Alijah Bagai left. He urged members to join AMCU to ruin the capitalist regime.

These 3 unions have signed and it is up to us to decide a way forward. Sibanye management is anxiously waiting for our strike. We should not move according to management’s expectations, and they know that every second week of November production is low. Management‘s aim is to capitalize on our strike and save costs.

We as AMCU should think before we act and know the status of the economy, if we go on strike we will be walking right into management’s hands.

Capitalism is still relying on the gold sector. Management must always be curious and not be able to read our minds. We must play the game carefully.

Sibanye will get a strike but not on management’s time but our time. Workers should engage in safety measures and be smart by engaging in a go-slow.

There is a difference between a leader and a boss and me as a leader, I care for your lives, Sibanye treats you like you are machines to make them reach their targets, but there is no principle if you don’t care about the workers.

Management’s aim is to make money for their future white generation, they only care about maximizing profit. We should not act on emotions and we should plan and think carefully before making decisions and will go on strike when we are ready.

We want to fight for your rights and achieve what you deserve. [He mentioned that during the platinum strike members were committed].

We should consider the people who are going on holiday in November and December. The question we posed to government is how we eradicate the structure of colonialism but obviously they are on the side with the capitalist who are exploiting our people.

Students are going on strike because their parents are not getting paid a living wage.

I am committed to changing the lives of the workers, I care.


One of the comrades said he adopts what the President has said. ’Chamber of Mines Must Fall’ said AMCU comrade. We should go to Union building and tell Zuma we don’t want this Chamber of Mines it must go.

Another comrade said we should apply safety that President suggested.

One of women comrade said if we go on strike now we will be falling into management’s hands.

Majority of the members agreed to wait for January to go on strike and said they will wait for advice from National Office. Logistics will be communicated with the leaders at different regions.

We will meet with the Gold Sector’s Shop Stewards will be engaged regularly to plan. There is a lot people who are not pleased with my messages to you. If they cared about you why are they defending the silicosis case, paying 100 lawyers to

defend the case? He urged members to be ready for a strike anytime.