There is a lack of intake of the antiretroviral treatment (ARV) by mine workers, this is due to them being terrified of discrimination by managers and supervisors. The wining sector alone contributes about 6.6% to gross domestic product and gold and platinum producers are considered to be the largest employers with almost 455 000 workers.

Specialists also said that stereotyping, stigmatization and discrimination are most common in many mines, and victims are treated with a lack of empathy.

Thus far, it is not clear how the disease is affecting mining productivity since many companies are sensitive about releasing numbers and statistics. The single-sex hostel systems still exist in many mining companies. This means that miners still cannot be with their partners, which results in some of then having sex with prostitutes, exposing them to the risk of HIV and AIDS.

Most mining companies have implemented a voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) programmes but there is low rate of testing and follow-ups. De Beers has a treatment programme in place but not every infected worker is coming for treatment because of stigma.