Main stream media has been speculating on when our members will embark on a strike that could possibly cripple the gold sector, similar to what happened in the Platinum sector.

This comes after Sibanye went back on its word and signed a three year agreement with National Union of Mineworkers, United Association of South Africa and Solidarity union.

The Chamber of mines which has been representing the mining companies throughout the wage negotiations, has defended the final offers (from all the mining companies who were part of the negotiations process) by claiming sustainability of the industry for future generations.

President Joseph Mathunjwa dedicated a week to meeting with members from various Sibanye mine branches to get a way forward on the proposed strike.

“We will go on strike at our own pace, at our time.” This is the notion among members who don’t want to feel pressured to peruse a strike even after having received a certificate of non-resolution (better known as a strike certificate).

Reports have accused us of buying time to lure NUM members, in efforts to grow our membership but there’s no truth to this. We are channelled by our members and the mandate they have given us is put off the strike until such time they are ready.

We are unapologetic about putting off the strike but remain confident that the wreath of our member’s disapproval will be felt in due course.