Media Statement


15 May 2017


Just months before the ANC’s Presidential election, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered an opportunistic and insincere apology at Rhodes University for his role in the Marikana Massacre.


Not only did it take Ramaphosa nearly 5 years to deliver this haphazard “apology”; he inappropriately did so at a venue that has nothing to do with the Massacre or the lives of the people affected by it. The murdered miners were not slaughtered on a University Campus; they were slaughtered in the mountains of the North West Province! It is for this reason that we are appalled that their lives have been reduced to a presidential campaign tactic.


There is absolutely no sincerity or remorse in this “apology”. The inauthentic gesture exposes the fact that at no point did the Deputy President extend a conciliatory hand to AMCU, the orphaned families nor the survivors of the massacre.


At that fateful moment in 2012, our President Joseph Mathunjwa was the last person to persistently plead with the SAPS after they were instructed to take the lives of those mineworkers in Marikana.


34 mineworkers lost their lives because of Ramaphosa’s protection of his capitalist interests and white monopoly capital. Now he wants to conveniently deliver a superficial apology to propel his ascension to the highest office in the country.


After being directly implicated in the murder of mineworkers who sacrificed their lives fighting for a living wage of R12 500, Ramaphosa then further insults their struggle for emancipation by introducing a minimum wage of R3 500.


The Deputy President’s actions speak louder than his empty words. He continues to demonstrate that he only acts in accordance to his selfish interests; we saw it in Marikana with the killing of 34 mineworkers for threatening white monopoly capital, his introduction of a slave wage of R3 500 and now a Presidential campaign roadshow delivering an empty apology to secure a seat in the country’s highest office.


We, along with the widowed families are insulted that he would reduce the lives of members to an empty apology. This is not an apology! This is a mere tactic to advance his own selfish interests! He now uses the lives of slain miners to extort empathy from South Africans for his role in the gross chain of command that resulted in the death of 34 people!

Issued from President Joseph Mathunjwa’s office

For enquires contact:

Manzini Zungu

082 665 7161