25 May 2017


The recent media reports seeking to create a narrative that AMCU is an independent union as quoted by the new labour federation, South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU), are misleading and tantamount to misreporting, irresponsible journalism and misrepresentation from those who have been peddling and sponsoring them.

This statement serves to officially put on record that AMCU is an affiliate of the National Council of Trade Unions (NACTU) in good standing and has not seceded its affiliation in pursuance of another. The pronouncements in certain media quarters that AMCU is an independent union are misguided and should not be misconstrued to be an expression of the relationship between AMCU and its Federation.

We note that there are individuals who have unilaterally and publicly pronounced an association with AMCU without our consultation. This fabrication is orchestrated by suspicious proponents and perpetuated on various media platforms without AMCU being given the right of response. Such claims seem to seek to undermine the future unity of the working class.

We therefore wish to state categorically and place on record that AMCU has no agreement to work with SAFTU or any other organisation regarding the commemoration of the Marikana Massacre. This commemoration is the brainchild of AMCU which has over the years advocated this day to be a significant labour event in the country’s calendar.

We further wish to emphasise that AMCU has no agreement to cooperate with SAFTU on issues of an economic nature at Nedlac or any other forum.

AMCU has raised its difficulties with the issue of the National Minimum Wage as a regression to the pursuit of a living wage characterized by the fight for the R12500 minimum wage in the mining sector. We have raised our issues within the internal NACTU structures, with our NACTU Nedlac Representatives regarding the signing of this slave minimum wage.

We urge colleagues in the labour movement to avoid making sweeping statements about other organisations as this has the potential bringing those affected into disrepute.

However, we in the same  breath,  posit  that  AMCU  remains open  to  work  with progressive forces in the labour market in pursuance of common objectives. We are committed to purposeful and respectful unity in action, that recognises the sovereignty and integrity of other organisations. We will work to unite workers in matters that affect them, building class consciousness in our common fight against capitalism.

We encourage our colleagues and fellow progressive forces to act in a similar fashion so that we can forge alliances in matters of common interest in the future. As a mass democratic union, we understand the importance of working together with like-minded organisations.

We call for restraint from future temptations of a similar nature from our colleagues in the labour movement.

Aluta Continua


Yours in Social Justice

Joseph Mathunjwa

AMCU President