12 September 2017


It is with great shock and dismay that we have come from the scene of the death of our branch treasurer at Impala. We cry with his family. We mourn with family, friends and comrades. Our hearts go out to his loved ones. On behalf of the entire union and mineworkers of this country we express our deepest condolences

This is a tragedy. At the horrific scene where Mpeke Nonyana was gunned down in cold blood we made a pledge that as a union we will mobilize all our resources to ensure that the senseless killings of mineworkers stop.

It is not for us to speculate on the motives for the killings. Whatever they are, nothing can justify the taking of another’s life.

It is bad enough that our members are slaughtered on the mines by Management’s failure to ensure basic health and safety. Just two weeks ago we lost another five mineworkers to the dangers of going underground. Now, for workers to be killed by cowardly assassins is absolutely unacceptable

The killing must stop. As the leadership of AMCU we make a call for the authorities, the police, Hawks, mine management to investigate thoroughly and bring the perpetrators to book. The case must be investigated without fear or favour.

Everyone must play their part to ensure that Mpeke Nonyana’s killing is not allowed to be another unsolved murder, which only serves to embolden the criminals to continue with these dastardly deeds.

As AMCU we find It so difficult to understand that workers, who make huge sacrifices for their families, who take such great risks to earn a pittance also face the assassin’s cold heart.

Not only do we make a plea for the killings to stop, we will continue putting more efforts in continuing to go to every shaft / branch to address workers about this senseless killing that seeks to undermine the gains that we fought for in 2014 5 months strike.

We do this in the knowledge that we need peace amongst workers. We need unity, despite any perceived differences, language, nationality, status, affiliation.

Our industry is in a deep crisis. Thousands of workers are being retrenched. Each day we hear of new attempts by the bosses to retrench and destroy the lives of our members. We must be united, put aside petty differences in the interests of the workers of this country.

We are committed to building the unity of the working class in struggle, in honour of all our members who have been assassinated and killed. In their memory we will ensure the killings stop and that we build the strongest unity in defense of our future.

It is disappointing that no one has been arrested since the killings of all AMCU members since 2012 to date

Once again, we send our condolences to Mpeke Nonyana family and pledge all the support we can muster in this difficult time.


Yours in Social Justice

JV Mathunjwa

AMCU President