AMCU is proud to announce that our members at Two Rivers Platinum mine in Steelpoort in Mpumalanga will now have improved salaries and working conditions after the union signed an agreement with the mine.


Starting the negotiations, AMCU had a clear agenda, and although agreements are often reached through compromise, we were not prepared to bend on key issues that include medical aid, maternity leave, and shift allowance. The discussion also included long service awards, funeral benefits and the payment of full and final settlements. The agreement will be in place for a period of three years starting in 2017/2018 and ending in 2020.


According to the agreement, “the parties agree that the basic rate will increase with R1000, or seven percent”. For example, a current rate of R8091 will be R11 091 by 2020. Furthermore, employees who fall within the bargaining unit will receive the increase on their current salaries.


AMCU believes that housing a basic human right, and that in light of the amount of wages miners earn and other economic pressures they face, mining companies must provide housing assistance. “Employees will receive housing assistance to facilitate home ownership or rented accommodation for employees,” reads the agreement. The housing assistance for the period of the agreement takes the current allowance of R3000 to R4000 by 2020.


In the spirit of putting family first, employees many now choose the number of dependents they want to put on their medical aid, however, any additional charges will be carried by the member. Meanwhile, “Pregnant employees will qualify for four consecutive months’ ‘maternity leave at full salary in accordance with the provisions of the policy. When it comes to funerals, employees will get four days of family responsibility leave while the company contributed 50 percent towards the total current benefit contributions, and the employee will continue to contribute the balance.”