22 February 2017

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) President, Joseph Mathunjwa, said changing the leadership of the African National Congress is not going to solve South Africa’s most pressing problems. Speaking at a Central Mass Meeting the union held in Klerksdorp, Mathunjwa told members that at the core of the country’s structural challenges was the issue of land dispossession.

“Replacing President Jacob Zuma with Cyril Ramaphosa is not the solution. Our challenges are a result of the flawed Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) negotiations that failed to redress land dispossession,” President Mathunjwa said, adding that Ramaphosa’s rise to number one is an opportunity for him, as one of leading actors during the CODESA negotiations, to correct the wrongs he helped bring upon South Africans. “President Ramaphosa should be happy that he has an opportunity to correct mistakes he made during the CODESA negotiations of 1993.”

President Mathunjwa’s message comes at a time when black South Africans from all works of life are vocalising urgency for Radical Economic Emancipation, which has been AMCU rallying call from the union’s early days in 2001.