26 February 2018

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) has embarked on protests at companies owned by the controversial Gupta family.  According to reports, the companies failed to pay the wages due to workers.  AMCU condemns this flouting of a basic labour right and is exploring possible interventions to address the matter with speed.

AMCU received reports from its Nkangala regional structures that our members working at Shiva Coal, Sethemba Coal and Sendile Coal have engaged in protest action demanding that their wages be paid.  It is an International Labour Standard (ILS) and basic labour right that employees must be remunerated for work performed.

The ongoing financial clampdown of GUPTA associated companies by financial institutions is severely affecting our members. While this might be consistent with existing financial regulations, this has adverse effects when companies fail to trade and invariably cannot pay wages.

AMCU condemns this blatant exploitation of workers by employers who fail to pay salaries when workers have worked hard in the production process.  We urge the stakeholders involved to find solutions to these challenges urgently as they are not work-related.

AMCU confirms that the matter is being dealt with by the Nkangala Region, and that correspondence has been sent to company directors to establish the way forward.  We await urgent feedback and encourage our members to remain resolute in fighting for their rights.  In the meantime, AMCU’s national leadership will continue to explore alternatives of other interventions that can provide solutions to this impasse.

We will keep the media updated on any developments as this is a developing issue.