15 March 2018

AMCU and the community it represents are deeply disturbed by this proposed sale of Lonmin’s platinum interests to Sibanye-StillWater for the following main reasons:

1. The workers and AMCU which represents the majority of workers at Lonmin have not been consulted and have not been allowed to voice their concerns, related to this transaction, particularly as Mr Froneman of Sibanye-StillWater has said that the purchase of Lonmin’s platinum interests will result in the loss of 12,500 jobs.

2. The community of people living around and supporting the operations of the mines and their processing plants have not been consulted or considered and doubtless will be left to continue their lives in a situation of desperate poverty and environmental degradation.

3. The full community of Lonmin’s shareholders have not been consulted about this sale and have been kept in the dark about a transaction that will have a major impact on the future role and value of the company.

4. If Lonmin remains determined to sell Lonmin Platinum,alternative consortia of potential investors exist, which have the interests of the working class as well as the broader interest of all of the South African communities and must be negotiated with, both in the interests of Lonmin and its greater community of South African stakeholders.

AMCU rejects the underhand and non-transparent way in which this deal has been negotiated and set up and will urgently interdict the process if it is not suspended, in the interests of all concerned.

Joseph Mathunjwa

President of AMCU