The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), is set to make radical demands that will see positive changes in the working and living conditions of mineworkers in the gold sector.

Speaking at the Central Mass Meeting held over the weekend at Masizakhele Sports Ground in Carletonville, AMCU President, Joseph Mathunjwa, said the Union will demand a minimum entry level salary for all jobs in this sector to be pegged at R12 500.

The negotiations in the gold sector are set to commence on 13 June 2018. The Union said its list of demands will be standardised across all employers (Sibanye, Anglo and Harmony) in the gold sector.

The call for a R12 500 minimum entry salary comes few weeks after the state President, Cyril Ramaphosa, announced his national minimum wage of R3 500 which, most economists believe, does little to take most of working families in this country out of poverty.

“I thought the state President, Cyril Ramaphosa, will come to R12 500 on national minimum wage, he endorsed R3 500 as national minimum wage which is even lower to some projections we got from one of the universities,” said President Mathunjwa.

Urging the government to consider cost cutting measures to bring some relief to workers, President Mathunjwa said “Our parliament is bloated, we only need 20. The rest should join millions in job hunting.”

He also added that AMCU “Will demand a five-day work week, not the shift system” he alleged was contributing to the number of fatalities in the mines. Some fatalities have been attributed to fatigue of employees which see them failing to undertake safety measures risking lives of fellow employees.

AMCU will also be calling for companies to continue to pay families of the deceased until the deceased pensionable age. This will enable families to cope with difficulties they usually face when a breadwinner is killed at work.

The Union has also been championing interests of women and as a bold stance on its pro-women policies, AMCU will demand a six-month maternity leave for female employees.


13 June 2018 by Trust Matsilele