The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) has raised serious concerns over the rise in mining fatalities after yet another mineworker died this morning.  The accident happened when a Light Haul Dumper (LHD) ran over a mineworker at Mooitjelik Chrome Mine operated by Bauba Resources in Limpopo.  The accident led to the worker succumbing to his injuries.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of our fallen comrade”, said AMCU President Joseph Mathunjwa. “We ask God to comfort them during this difficult time in their lives”, Mathunjwa added.

The accident happened at Underground, Block 11, Panel 3 South and the deceased mineworker held the position of Team Leader.  An in loco inspection led by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE), along with worker representatives and members of management is currently underway.

This is the fourth mineworker to die due to moving machinery this year, with reportable injuries for this year rising to 135 and 268 for transport and mining.  Some of those injured in these accidents have subsequently been declared permanently unfit for the jobs they held, and in most

“Today’s accident is another example of what can be best described as pure manslaughter”, said Mathunjwa.  “We have reported before that there is available technology to avoid such accidents by detecting pedestrians and forcing the vehicles to stop, but many of these mining bosses don’t want to spend the money to invest in such technology”, Mathunjwa added.

This fatality brings the total number of deaths in the South African mining sector to 57 for the year to date, with October 2021 being a record month of the killing of breadwinners at the mines.

“The numbers just keep on rising and rising.  October was a very bad month, and we are bracing ourselves for what November and December may bring”, Mathunjwa said.  “We keep on calling for the Mine Health and Safety Act to be amended so that these mining bosses can be held personally accountable for killing our comrades”, he said.  “As AMCU, we will never stop our campaign to bring the mining bosses to book when they treat breadwinners with no dignity or respect”, Mathunjwa concluded.

For interviews:  AMCU President Joseph Mathunjwa