Joseph Mathunjwa remains AMCU President

The five National Office Bearers that were voted in include that of the President, Deputy President, Treasurer General, National Chairperson for Health and Safety as well as the National Chairperson for Education. As per AMCU’s constitution, all five positions were open for nominations four months prior to the National Congress and closed three months prior to the National Congress – the process was independently handled by the Independent Electoral Commission. Although nominations from the floor were allowed at the Congress as the constitution allows, all five positions were uncontested.

The newly elected AMCU National Office Bearers are:

  • National President: Joseph Mathunjwa
  • National Deputy President: Nkosinakho Joni
  • National Treasurer: Jimmy Gama
  • National Chairperson Education Desk: Ntshebele Makge
  • National Chairperson Health and Safety: Xolani Bokoloshe

During his acceptance speech as the re-elected President, Mathunjwa thanked members for trusting him to continue leading the organisation. “As we get closer to the end of this Congress, I want to use this opportunity to speak about time. We take it for granted because we think it’s just time, but if we were to look deeper, we would understand that time sets the agenda of the world. If we don’t know the importance of time, we will end up doing the right things at the wrong time. This is God’s time. If it was man’s time, the country would not be where it is today,” said Mathunjwa.

Mathunjwa lambasted the government for being anti poor. “This government is not for the poor but for those with influence. The poor are used to serve the interests of those in government. We, as a country, cannot expect anything better when those implicated in the Marikana Massacre are running the country. Workers are still being killed and there is no accountability for the mining bosses who continue to kill workers,” he said.

“We are more than just a union that conducts wage negotiations and we need to take our children off the streets. As a re-elected President, I am not going to be apologetic. We have been given a mandate as AMCU leaders; we have work to do. Those who have elected us, are expecting a lot from us. This is not an inheritance, if I am not doing my job, you have a right to get rid of me as members,” he continued.

Mathunjwa urged members to hold AMCU leadership accountable. He also urged the newly elected leaders not to disappoint AMCU members and to serve them as they have entrusted them with that responsibility. He also warned Captains of industries to be prepared AMCU will continue to fight for social justice and economic emancipation of those who continue being exploited by white monopoly capital. He ended his address by saying that AMCU is against gender-based violence and any member of AMCU who is reported to undermine women will be called to book

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