The Quest for Truth and Justice shall set you free

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) was formed in Mpumalanga, South Africa. It was formally registered as a Union in the year 2001 and was officially registered in 2002, with the instrumental assistance of Mr Jeffery Mphahlele and Mr Archie Palane.

The Union’s core responsibility is to aid employees with labour related plights towards employers. To date the organisation has close to 200 000 members from all sectors that it represents, namely construction, mining, security, cleaners and logistics and the number continues to grow.

AMCU is a forward thinking union led by President Joseph Mathunjwa. The Union is committed to staying true to the mandate given by its members and the working class at large. We continue to let this mandate inform resolutions taken by the union at all our leadership levels, shafts, branch, regional and national.

Therefore, our leaders must propel the interests of workers even outside the working environment. Although AMCU had been in existence for many years before 2012, the Platinum belt strike gave it prominence amongst other unions. President Mathunjwa continues to demonstrate quality leadership and altruistic skills that has made him the success he is today.


AMCU is dedicated to upholding the defence of immediate interests of its members on the job; decent wages, security of employment, working conditions that are not threatening to the mental and physical health of the worker including basic social protection.

Our stance remains resolute in advocating socially progressive legislation in the interests of all workers and, indeed, the vast majority of the population.

The advocacy is far-reaching, embedded in a political society where the rights of workers and all citizens are guaranteed. The earliest battles of the labour movement were conducted to achieve universal suffrage, a political objective, as well as international and free education, freedom of association and a free press.

To achieve this, the labour movement has, in most countries sought to exercise political power through its own parties.


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