Two Killed At Harmony Gold

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) has learnt of a fatal accident at Harmony Gold’s Tshepong Mine, killing two mineworkers. AMCU then provides the latest provisional safety statistics for the mining industry.

AMCU is dismayed to learn of a fatal accident at Harmony Gold’s Tshepong Mine in the Free State on Saturday morning, 10 October 2020. Information is still developing but reports show that during cleaning duties two mineworkers were killed in a fall of ground (FOG) related accident.

Reportedly, no other mineworkers have been injured.

AMCU understands that the investigation is underway and no further information is yet available as to the cause of this incident. What we do know is that FOGs have so far caused the most fatalities this year, despite the Covid-19 shutdown. FOGs are also responsible for the most deaths last year and the year before. They remain the chief cause of fatalities in the South African mining industry.

AMCU expresses their deepest sympathies to the workers’ family, loved ones and colleagues.

Update on provisional safety statistics:

Provisional fatalities in the South African mining industry are reported at 37, with injuries at 1053 year-to-date (as at 28 September 2020). These are the latest figures from the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy.  According to AMCU’s reports, the fatality figure stands at 42, including these two Harmony fatalities.