About the Trust Fund

The Marikana Massacre AMCU Trust was established by AMCU in 2015 out of compassion for and solidarity with the families of deceased mineworkers. 

The Trust was founded with the aim of supporting the bereaved widows and immediate families of the 37 mineworkers who lost their lives during the wage protests at the Lonmin mine in August 2012. The fund is geared towards inspiring and facilitating breaking the multigeneration poverty cycle in the lives of mineworkers’ families.

“We are grateful for the house because it shows that Mongezeleli died fighting for what was right. Even though it is still hard for us to forget what happened, we are grateful to AMCU,” Family representative
Mongezeleli Ntenetya – handed over on 14 December 2018
“We are very happy and thank you AMCU for doing this for our family,” Family representative
Bongani Nqongophele – handed over on 13 December 2018
“On behalf of the family, I would like to thank you for what you have done for us. We love the house and we are grateful,” Family representative
Anele Mdizeni – handed over on 13 December 2018
“We thank AMCU for fulfilling their promise to us as a family. This is proof that AMCU was not just making empty promises when they promised to us a house,” Family representative
Nkosiyabo Xalabile – handed over on 13 December 2018

The Trust Administration

The Trust received a donation of R2 million from AMCU, and the union also serves as a trustee. AMCU believes in transparency and accountability and it is for these reasons it has appointed an entrusted financial administration team to ensure that the funds raised are used accordingly and for the sole benefit of the families of the deceased mine workers.

To date, AMCU has handed over four newly-built houses to some of the families of the victims. The first house was handed to the family of Mgcineni Noki in June 2017, and the second one to Andries Motlalepula Ntshenyeho’s family in Vereeniging in the same year in December. The third house was handed over to the family of Mzukisi Sompeta on 09 August 2018.

A fourth was completed in Swaziland for the family of Stelega Meric Gadlela, and the house was handed over to the Gadlela family in 2018. The three-bedroom houses have an en suite master bedroom, built-in cupboards, a kitchen, bathroom, and a lounge with a fireplace.

AMCU President, Joseph Mathunjwa, said “These miners were killed in protest for a better wage that would have contributed to a better life for themselves and helped them support their families. We have carried through the mandate, and the R12,500 wage that they died fighting for has now been attained. As AMCU, we continue to fight for a better living wage for miners, and since negotiations with the platinum belt commenced, we have managed to improve the wages of workers from a minimum of R4 500 to R11 500.”

“I’m so happy that my husband was a member of AMCU. We now have something to remember him by, even his grandchildren will know that this home was built by AMCU to honour their father.” Betty Gadlela, Wife to Comrade Stelega
Stelega Meric Gadlela - handed over on 04 December 2018
“AMCU is pleased to report to Comrade Mambush that we have carried through the mandate that he gave us of attaining a minimum salary of R12 500 in the platinum belt.” President Joseph Mathunjwa
Mgcineni Noki House – handed over on 24 June 2017
“When President Mathunjwa pledged to build houses for the families of slain mineworkers during the Marikana massacre, I did not believe that I would be amongst the people to receive it.” Wife to Comrade Ntshenyeho
Andries Motlalepula Ntshenyeho – handed over on 20 December 2017
“It gives us great glory to know that he did not die in vain. Even in his absence and through AMCU, our son is still able to provide for us”. Father to Comrade Sompeta
Mzukisi Sompeta – handed over on 09 August 2018

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